Micro Lab Farms Offers Fast Pathway to Michigan and Midwestern Farmers Seeking to Enter the CBD or Cannabis Industry

Company provides turnkey solutions to rapidly harvest crops in these multi-billion dollar markets

Micro Lab Farms, a premier provider of automated indoor micro-farms for rapid production of legal cannabis, hemp, and other crops, announced it is directing its sales team to provide more assistance to growers in Michigan and the Midwestern states.

In addition to recently opening a new Research and Development Center, Showroom, and Sales Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company is dedicating resources to support local farmers, business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest.

In states such as Oklahoma, Micro Lab Farms' proprietary GrowPod controlled environment micro-farms can allow almost anyone to quickly and easily start growing legal cannabis or hemp, and participate in these rapidly growing sectors.

In Michigan, where the adult-use cannabis market is gearing up for a December 1 launch, the current situation for farmers and dispensary owners is concerning. According to several news reports, cannabis is unlikely to be available on a widespread basis in Michigan until licensed growers can harvest the first crop, possibly in March or April of 2020. This pent-up demand and lack of supply may help fuel the black market.

Micro Lab Farms may have a solution. The company's "GrowPods" have been shown to grow cannabis and other crops at a faster rate than conventional agriculture. Moreover, they are transportable and scalable, which make then an ideal solution for new farmers.

Endorsed by master grower, Kyle Kushman, GrowPods allow cultivation to take place year-round to maximize ROI. The systems are sealed from outside pathogens, contaminants, pesticides and chemicals, and produce clean and robust crops.

For more information on Micro Lab Farms, call: (951) 266-6096, or visit: www.microlabfarms.com

About Micro Lab Farms

Micro Lab Farms has made it possible to rapidly and affordably enter or expand in the legal cannabis and hemp industries with its "GrowPod" cultivation systems.

GrowPods are modular, indoor micro-farms that feature a controlled environment, state-of-the-art air and water filtration, proprietary pathogen-free living soils, and automation systems that outperform other methods of cultivation, and produce clean, robust crops without pathogens, contaminants, pesticides or chemicals.

For information on Micro Lab Farms, call: (951) 266-6096, or visit: www.microlabfarms.com

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