Yofumo Technologies splits company across general agriculture and cannabis

Consolidates all IP at new holding Company, Artemis Dynamics, which will lead general agriculture development for its technology

Yofumo Technologies, Inc. today announced that the company is moving forward with its plans to segment its operations and product solutions against general agriculture and cannabis. The move comes as a result of soon to be released results of its seed trials in Spain under EU guidelines, expected to be completed by year end.

The move allows the company to provide its global cannabis customers with a higher degree of industry focus as its client applications increase in complexity and scale. The segmentation also clarifies for the market, as well as current and future investors, the reach and scope of Yofumo's global footprint, providing them with a more tailored and industry aligned alternative.

For its new agriculture clients, and the initial entry will be in the global seed industry, it provides the same clarity and application focus to its industry as Yofumo Technologies provides for cannabis.

Artemis Dynamics, the holding company, will now hold all of Yofumos' IP portfolio, will be conducting a general market analysis on the use of its IP in the Cannabis industry, and lead all general agriculture development starting with the global seed industry. Artemis will also be responsible for leading the development of its proprietary gaseous ozone decontamination technology for long haul trucking, refrigeration and intermodal logistics.

"This is an important and significant milestone for us and its sets the proper foundation to fully address all of our industrial technology applications in addition to Cannabis," said Yofumo Founder, Alfonso Campalans

About Yofumo Technologies
Yofumo units are presently operating in 3 countries and 10 states. Its technology is the only patented gaseous ozone decontamination solution with global coverage. To learn more about Yofumo Technologies call 844.496.3866 or email admin@yofumo.com.

Yofumo Technologies provides solutions for decontamination and curation to the cannabis and agriculture industries built upon patented ozone decontamination and years of innovative engineering experience. Yofumo Technologies' proprietary decontamination process allows for the preservation of terpenes while completely cleaning product and seeds. Yofumo is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has field locations in Houston and Buenos Aires.

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