Indigo Ag Launches Indigo Certified Agronomist Program, Connecting Independent Agronomists with Growers to Improve On-farm Profitability

Agronomists optimize on-farm decision-making to increase grower profitability, while also gathering data that can be made actionable for future seasons

Indigo Ag, Inc., a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, announces the launch of the Indigo Certified Agronomist Program (ICAP). Designed to maximize grower profitability, the program certifies independent agronomists to service acres grown with Indigos microbial-treated seeds. Insights from these professionals are a component of Indigo Certified Crops™.

Commenting on the launch of the program, David Perry, Indigos President and CEO said, "Farmers make approximately one hundred agronomic decisions throughout the growing season. Through this program, Indigo Certified Agronomists will have the tools, resources, and experience to support growers in making those decisions. We are expanding our network of agronomists to improve the profitability and sustainability of farms nationwide."

Prerequisites for enrolling in ICAP include a four-year degree in an agricultural field, as well as five years of previous agronomic experience consulting in one or more of the crops in Indigos portfolio. External agronomists, after completing a series of online learning modules and an exam, earn additional revenue servicing acres contracted with Indigo. The modules are designed to educate agronomists on Indigos proprietary machine learning algorithms, microbial technology, and software, which enables a comprehensive acre-by-acre analysis. Growers may also have their preexisting agronomists certified through the program.

"We want to make sure growers receive data-based advice from the best agronomists when working with Indigo," said Chandler Mazour, Director of the Indigo Certified Agronomist Program. "Requiring relevant experience and a rigorous education, alignment with our mission and values as a company, and comprehension of the latest tools and technologies that lead to constructive in-the-field insights, we can introduce with confidence a distinguished group of independent agronomists to growers across the country."

Michael Bahr an Indigo Certified Agronomist from Albert, Kansas reflected on the program saying, "Whether youre a seasoned agronomist or relatively new to the industry, the Certified Agronomist course by Indigo will challenge your knowledge and encourage you to think about the grain production process in a new way. The courses are comprehensive and provide real information for furthering ones own agronomic ability."

For those looking to register for ICAP, please visit All other information on Indigo, including current crop offers, can be found on the companys website at

About Indigo

Indigo improves grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through the use of natural microbiology and digital technologies. Utilizing beneficial plant microbes and agronomic insights, Indigo works with growers to sustainably produce high quality harvests. The company then connects growers and buyers directly to bring these harvests to market. Working across the supply chain, Indigo is furthering its mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices in Memphis, TN; Research Triangle Park, NC; Sydney, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and São Paulo, Brazil. For more information on Indigo Agriculture, please visit and follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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