EOS Launches Satellite Monitoring Technology Boosting Farm Efficiency up to 20% for the North American Market

The EOS Crop Monitoring solution brings its expertise to new markets, now available in Europe, LATAM and North America.

EOS Earth Observing System, the leading retailer for remote sensing satellite data has launched its digital agri platform - EOS Crop Monitoring - for the North American market. It combines AI, satellite vegetation images and weather data to deliver comprehensive information on any farmlands. Depending on territorial layout of the landbank, the cost advantage of this technology together with the entire suite of precision agriculture can vary between 5-20%. The platform enables farmers, insurers, traders and other subject matter experts to use satellite imagery for the benefit of their business.

"Agriculture has never been easy, but the farming conditions are becoming more and more complicated. The global resources are stretched while the population is growing. This is why implementing technology-based solutions is crucially important.

We want to help agri entrepreneurs from all around the world to achieve better results by wasting less, getting more, and becoming more sustainable in general. Basically, we suggest a set of tools to benefit everyone — the user, the consumer and the planet," — says Alexander Sakal, CSO of EOS Crop Monitoring.

The platform aggregates satellite images captured by the main satellite missions of today, processes large amounts of information through AI-driven algorithms and presents the results via a robust UI. It utilizes normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and many more including ReCl, NDRE, CCCl, and MSAVI.

All of these features are fundamental to precision farming methodology which is becoming ever more crucial to solve the growing array of challenges lying in front of agri entrepreneurs.

EOS Crop Monitoring defines field borders, additionally providing historical weather reports for the past 10 years, allowing to compare median yearly temperatures and precipitation as well as to measure the accumulated temperature. The platform also features a 5-day forecast, sending out alerts to let the users know about any upcoming disturbances such as intense drops or spikes of temperature. As a result, farmers, agri entrepreneurs and anyone else involved get a unified solution with valuable and clearly displayed data.

About EOS Data Analytics:

EOS is an international satellite data analytics company headquartered in Menlo Park, California. The company delivers satellite imagery analysis with 0,40m-2,00m resolution and partners with leading orbital missions, including Landsat, MODIS and Sentinel. In addition to Crop Monitoring it's flagship products include LandViewer, serving a wide scope use cases for Earth observation and imagery analysis.

Learn more at eos.com.

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